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Profile Manual

What is a profile?

After you signed up as a member and received a confirmation from us, you can add more personal information to your profile. You can click on ‘profile’ in the purple part of the page to view and adjust your profile.

Minimum profile requirements

Ami-Go! is transparent and your profile is visible to other members. The minimum profile requirements are your real first and last name and a good photo so other members can recognise you when you join activities.

Address and date of birth

Your GPS coordinates are determined based on your address. We use them to search for activities within a certain radius from where you live.
Your date of birth is necessary for activities with age restrictions.
Your address and date of birth are only visible for other members if you select them to be.

Add a photo to your profile

You are a member and have provided us with your name, gender, date of birth, email address and password. These data are already filled out on your profile page. Only your name, in black letters, is visible to other members. The other data, in grey, are not visible to others. Click on the button ‘change photo’ on the upper part of the page and add a photo from your computer. The photo requirements are:
  • recent, clear photo of your face;
  • no sunglasses or other obstructing items;
  • no other persones or animals;
  • Jpg-format with a 120x120 pixels resolutions, no larger than 300kb.
After approval, the photo is visible to everyone else on the site.

Edit profile

On the bottom of the profile page, click on the button ‘edit’ to go to the page ‘edit profile.’ Your name, gender, date of birth and e-mail address are already filled out. Add your information, for instance your address (needed to find activities within a radius of x km from your location), phone number and hobbies and select if you want them to be visible to others. Don’t forget to click on the ‘Save’ button! Everything you fill out and you didn’t select, is only visible to you and Ami-Go! employees. All selected items are visible for all Ami-Go! members. Of course you can change or add your personal information. If you want to upload another photo, you need permission from Ami-Go! again before it is visible on the website.

Profile privacy

The data in your profile is useful for other members and Ami-Go! employees. You can select what information is visible to other members. Your information will not be available to third parties.



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