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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How much does a membership cost?

A standard membership is free of charge. Premium members pay 24 euros per year. We have individual agreements with commercial members, based on the often different wishes. The commercial rate depends on the desired service level.

I created a new account, but I didn't receive an e-mail to confirm, what went wrong?

It might be possible that you misspelled your e-mail adress r our confirmation e-mail is in your spam box.

What is an Ami-Deal?

Ami-Go! is an activities website that organises free and paid activities. Ami-Go! makes deals with other companies and individuals that offer activities, so it becomes cheaper for you to participate in those activities. If you want to do a deal, you can buy the coupon displayed on the deal page.

Why do you need my adress and date of birth? And are they visual to other members?

Your GPS coordinates are determined based on your address. We use them to search for activities within a certain radius from where you live. Your date of birth is necessary for activities with age restrictions. Your address and date of birth are only visible for other members if you select them to be.



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