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Activities Manual

Who can organise activities?

All Ami-Go! members can organise activities. A member can be commercial or non-commercial. Commercial members are individuals and companies that aim for profit; they have a commercial account with Ami-Go!.
Ami-Go! also organises activities. These activities can be recognised by the name of the organiser: Ami-Go!

Where are the activities listed on the website?

In the purple box on the upper part of the page in the agenda section. The agenda shows all activities that are organised at Ami-Go!.
Your dashboard has a ‘my agenda’ section which shows all the activities you’re participating in, and a section ‘my activities’, which shows the activities you’ve organised yourself.
Click on a regional or activity type group for an overview of the activities in this group.

Participating in an activity

If you want to participate in an activity organised by someone else click on the button ‘subscribe’. You don’t have to be a group member to participate in an activity. Click on an activity to see a list of all participants in this activity. Click on a participant to view his or her profile. On the bottom of the activity page there’s an option to send a message.

Organise your own activity

You can organise your own activity via your dashboard and the ‘groups’ page.
  • Click on the green button ‘new activity’ to go to a entry page titled ‘edit activity’.
  • Fill out the fields on the page and select the regional groups and activity type groups your activity belongs to.
  • Click on the purple button ‘save’. Your own activity is now created in your dashboard and other members can see it and subscribe to it.

View and edit your activity

You can view and edit your ativity in your dashboard and change the photo, connect it to a deal, check the number of participants and read and send messages about this activity.

Add or change p photo of your activity

If you want to change the standard photo (Ami-Go! logo) to a photo of your choice, click on the purple button ‘change photo’. The photo should be 300 pixels (width) by 225 pixels (height) and .jpeg format. If you have a photo but it’s not the right format, we recommend downloading the free software Paint.NET available at www.getpaint.net.

Connecting to a deal

This is how to connect a deal to your organised activity:
  • Open the activity and click on the purple button ‘connect deal’ to go to the ‘search deal’ page.
  • Search for a deal and select it. The deal appears on your screen and you can read the description, the conditions, whether the deal is active or not, the price of the coupon and more.
  • Click on the purple button ‘connect to activity’ and your own activity appears on your screen with the connected deal. You can connect several deals to an activity and disconnect them.

Subscribe anonymously

Members with a commercial account can organise activities and use the option ‘subscribe anonymously'. This option can be used in the group 'dating'.

What we expect from an organiser

An organiser should comply to the following rules:
  • create an activity with a clear description;
  • clearly explain any extra costs and how they can be paid;
  • make sure to create a nice atmosphere during your activity and
  • report inappropriate actions to Ami-Go!.


Ami-Go! is available for people aged 18 and up. You filled out your date of birth when you signed up as a member. When you create an activity, it is possible to set an age restriction for the participants. If you don’t have the right age, you can’t subscribe to the activity, because there won’t be a subscription button.

Activities that are not allowed

It is not allowed to organise illegal or sexual activities.



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