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Deals Manual

What is an Ami-Deal?

Ami-Go! is an activities website that organises free and paid activities. Ami-Go! makes deals with other companies and individuals that offer activities, so it becomes cheaper for you to participate in those activities. If you want to do a deal, you can buy the coupon displayed on the deal page.


A coupon is a value certificate that belongs to a deal. The price of a coupon is usually around 10% of the original activity price. A coupon is valid for 1 to 3 months. Print out your coupon and bring it with you to the provider of the deal to receive your discount. The coupon is taken by the provider and unsubscribed at Ami-Go!, to make sure the coupon is only used once.

Searching for a deal

Click on ‘Deals’ in the purple bar on the top of your screen. In the upper left corner you will fin dan option to find deals. There are three ways to search:
  • by group, this can be a region or a kind of activity;
  • by radius, select the maximum radius from your home where an activity takes place;
  • by keyword(s), you can enter a specific keyword here.
If you enter more than one keyword, the results show deals that contain all keywords. In the results, deals are ordered by name. In addition, you will see who the name of the provider and until what date the deal is available on the website.

Click on a deal and you will see a detailed page that contains the information below:
  • name and desription of the deal;
  • condition;
  • status of the deal (whether it is active or not);
  • coupon price;
  • the dates when the deal is available on the website;
  • how long the coupon is valid after purchase date;
  • the location of the deal;
  • phone number and website of the provider of the deal and
  • the option to purchase one or more coupons.

Doing a deal

If you want to do a deal, you have to buy a coupon. The steps below explain how you can do that:
  • click on a deal and select the number of coupons you want to buy;
  • click on ‘Pay’;
    • you will see a new page: ‘Buying coupons’. This page states which coupon, and how many coupons you want to buy, the price per coupons, the total amount and the expiry date;
  • confirm your purchase by clicking the green button;
    • You will be taken to a new page: ‘Purchase payment’. You can manually transfer the amount to our bank account (our bank information can be found on this page) or you can start an iDeal payment by clicking the green button.
      As soon as you’ve bought a coupon, it can be found in your dashboard in the ‘Coupon purchases’ box at the bottom of the page.
  • click on a purchased coupon;
    The coupon appears on your screen with the information below:
    • name and short description of the deal;
    • date of purchase;
    • price of the coupon;
    • expiry date of the coupon;
    • a unique code, which the provider of the deal needs to unsubscribe the coupon;
    • conditions to use the coupon and
    • name and contact information of the provider of the deal.
  • print out the coupon and take it with you to the provider of the deal.

Connecting a deal to your own activity

Organisers can enter new activities. When the organiser has filled out the details of the activity, a new page is shown with the new activities and the options to:
  • edit the activity;
  • edit the standard image (the Ami-Go! logo);
  • connect to a deal.
To connect to a deal, you have to take the following steps:
  • select ‘connect deal’ and a new page appears on which you can find and select a deal;
  • select a deal and it will appear on your screen;
  • click the purple button ‘Connect to activity’ and the deal is connected to your own activity.

Disconnect a deal to your own activity

It is possible to disconnect the deal from your activity. Select your own activity and click ‘delete’ at ‘Connected deals’.

Suggest a new Ami-Deal!

Do you have a fun deal for Ami-Go! or do you know a company or individual with a good deal for Ami-Go!, please let us know and we’ll get in touch with you or the third party suggested by you.



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