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General Manual

Who or what is Ami-Go!?

Ami-Go! is an activities website. We offer a platform for all people who would like to be or become socially active.

Becoming a member and groups

You can use our platform by becoming a member. You have to be at least 18 years old. After you signed up free of charge and made a personal profile, you can instantly join an activity or organise activities yourself.

The Ami-Go! activities are divided into two groups:
  • regional groups, in which the activities are divided based on area (e.g. Emmen area);
  • groups based on type of activity, in which the activities are based on type, for instance cultural or sports activities.
You can find more information on this in the Groups Manual en de Activities Manual.

Login screen and next screen

The first screen you see when you go to www.ami-go.me is the login screen. You can find more information about our website in the footer. You can sign up as a new member via the login screen and existing members can login here. After you’ve logged in, you see a home sign on the next screen, your dashboard, the groups, your profile, activities, name and log out option. In the right upper corner you can see two flags. Click on the Dutch or English flag to select your preferred language. Then go to your dashboard.


Every member has his or her own dashboard, which gives an overview of the personal information on your Ami-Go! account. After you signed up as a member you can enter more personal information in your dashboard.

The dashboard shows:
  • the groups you’re a member of;
  • your agenda with the activities you’re going to join;
  • the activities you organised yourself;
  • the coupons you've purchased;
  • new activities organised by other members.
You can read more about this in the Dashboard Manual.


The Deals page shows all the deals that Ami-Go! has with other companies and individuals. You can search for deals in the upper part of your screen. The deals are listed below. Click on a deal you like and purchase the coupon you need for the deal, to join it. If you create a new activity, you can connect a suitable deal to the activity you’ve organised Participants with a coupon get discount on the full activity price. You can read more about this in the Deals Manual.


Your profile page is visible to all members. You can select what information you want to share with other members. Your name and photo are selected by default and always visible to others. More on this can be found in the Profile Manual.

Log out

Click on log out to go back to the login page.


The right side of the page displays an advertisement box with three advertisements. There is a maximum of 30 ads that rotate. If you’re interested in displaying your ad here, please contact us.


The box below the ads shows a selection of interesting Ami-Go! deals.


The footer contains more information about Ami-go!, who we are, what we do, our vision and mission, manuals, membership information and service options. This information is visible to everyone.



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