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Groups Manual

Which groups are there?

The Ami-Go! activities fall into two categories:
  • 19 regional groups, the activities are divided into the following areas: Amsterdam, Apeldoorn, Breda, Den Bosch, Den Haag, Eindhoven, Emmen, Enschede, Groningen, Leeuwarden, Leiden, Maastricht, Middelburg, Nijmegen, Roermond, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Venlo and Zwolle;
  • 10 groups of activity types, the activities are divided based on type of activity: creative, cultural, dating, educational, helping each other, relaxing, dinner together, games, sports and holidays.

The 'groups' page

Select ‘groups’ in the purple box on the page. Now you can see all the groups with their accompanying images. Click on a group and you will see a specific groups page. This page has three boxes:
  • The upper box shows the name of the group, the description and the option to subscribe or unsubscribe;
  • The middle box shows all activities in this group and
  • The bottom box is where you can type messages that can be read by all members of the group.
When the number of members in a regional or activity group becomes too large, Ami-Go! will split the group up.

Becoming a group member

Becoming a group member is easy via the ‘groups’ page.
  • Select a group. You will see the group page of the selected group. The upper box on the page shows which group you have selected and that you’re not a member of this group.
  • Click on the purple word ‘Subscribe’ and the text changes into ‘you’re a member of this group’, and the option to unsubscribe.
On your group page, the groups you’re a member of have a green frame. Your dashboard page only shows the groups you’re a member of. Usually you become a member of the regional group on your location, for instance if you live in Oss, you become a member of the Nijmegen group and the Den Bosch group. Of course you are allowed to become a member of other regional groups. You can also become a member of the activity groups you’re interested in. Some hobbies are under several groups. For instance biking is under ‘relaxing’ and ‘sports’. In the first group, biking is more of a bike tour activity, for instance with a scavenger hunt or available to do with kids. In the sports group, biking may include bicycle racing and crossbiking. The search function shows both your regional groups and your activity types groups, and the results show whether the activity can be done with kids.



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