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Ami-Go brings people together who want to participate in activities with others. Of course you can do that with friends or acquaintances, but they might be busy with work, their relationships or their families, or they are interested in other things than you are. Sometimes its just fun to meet new people, for instance because you moved to a new area or because youre single. You might meet a new partner at an activity, but having fun together is Ami-Gos priority.

Ami-Go noticed that many people spend a lot of time on watching television, playing computer games and social media. That might be fun for a while when you relax, but Ami-Go thinks that nothing beats personal contact. Theres more than only a virtual world. Real contacts, thats what its all about, we think. You can get in touch with people easily by participating in the activities organised by our members.

There are similar sites, but Ami-Gos approach is a little bit different. You can become a member free of charge and we integrate our own Ami-Go-Deal to make activities cheaper.

Ami-Go offers easy access and is ambitious. We started on 1 January 2014 and our goal is to become Europes largest platform. Feedback from our members is therefore essential: we use it to continually change and improve our platform.

In addition to bringing people together who want to improve their social lives Ami-Go strives to create a better world. After an initial period in which the company is being set up, we will donate 50% of our profits to a foundation that wants to contribute to solving societal issues, for instance removing 'plastic soup' (the garbage dump floating in the sea), an eco-friendly agricultural production process without harmful pesticides and creating ecological awareness among producers, consumers and governments. A lot of money is needed to achieve this and individual sponsors and companies that wish to donate are more than welcome, and necessary.



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